Jagoda is your personal AI tutor who is always there for you. We created Jagoda in 2023 to help you understand and solve your homework. She uses advanced artificial intelligence to support you. You interact with Jagoda in a chat and can ask her questions on more than 30+ school subjects. Jagoda understands more than 20 languages and can also provide you with answers in just as many languages.

We understand how challenging it can be to input mathematical formulas. That's why we've developed a feature that allows you to easily photograph homework. Afterward, you select the area that needs to be solved. We analyze the image you've submitted and display the text and formulas in the chat. The images are analyzed and processed by a third party. We then store them on our server for logging purposes and link them to your account.

With your access, you get tutoring in over 30+ subjects. This way, you can deepen your knowledge in all areas. We have carefully studied the curricula of each subject and consider them when answering your questions. Our answers are not only detailed but also explain the specific terms related to the subject.

During tutoring, it's especially important to us to assist the student with tasks and to be supportive when questions arise. Before we answer questions, we always inquire about the student's school, grade, and subject. We also want to know which topic is currently being covered in that subject. Based on this information, we identify the relevant content. We then review the task, explain the terms, show the solution path, and provide tips or mnemonics that the student can remember. It's particularly important to us that students always have the opportunity to: <ul> <li>Have us solve the task for them.</li> <li>Have us check their solution.</li> <li>Receive a tip from us.</li> </ul> Thus, it's up to the student how they want to utilize our platform most effectively.

Yes, unfortunately, as with any form of tutoring, it can sometimes happen that an answer is incorrect. We regularly conduct random checks and review answers together with qualified teachers to continuously improve our AI. It's important that you carefully review each solution and always critically question it. If something seems off to you, you can indicate in the chat that you're not satisfied with the answer and provide additional information. We'll try to take this into account and provide you with a better answer.

Yes, you can easily share the tutoring content with your friends. Simply click on the "Share" button, and a new window will open. You can then conveniently send the URL to your friends via email, Whatsapp, or another service. They will have the opportunity to view the entire chat. Additionally, they can translate the chat into more than 20 languages.

In Germany, over 24 million people with a migration background live, who face not only content-related but also linguistic challenges. That's why we offer students the option to translate both tasks and the entire chat into more than 20 languages. The goal is for students and parents to be able to understand every task linguistically.

NO, as long as you have an account with us, your homework is linked to your account. This means you can access old homework and their solutions at any time and review them again. And always remember: You can share any homework with your friends!

If you like our platform, we'd appreciate it if you'd share it with friends and acquaintances. The more students use our platform, the more efficient the AI becomes, and the quality of task solutions improves. Thank you so much for your support!

Every question and image you submit is intensively analyzed, requiring a lot of computational power. We also collaborate with third-party providers who assist us in solving your homework. Therefore, each inquiry comes with costs. To prevent misuse and protect our platform, we've implemented a Fair-Use Policy. However, with regular monthly usage, it's hard to reach this limit, so you won't encounter it under normal usage.

What is a learning chat?Depending on the package you've chosen, you have access to learning chats every month. <br/> Imagine a learning chat as a conversation about a specific topic. In such a chat, you first select the school subject you need help with and share your grade level. <br/> After that, you can pose your question about the chosen topic. Jagoda will then respond to you within this chat. Depending on your package, you can also ask follow-up questions in each learning chat if anything is unclear. <br/> Please try to formulate your question as precisely as possible; the more detailed information Jagoda has, the better she can assist with your homework.

On Jagoda, you have two different AI options available, which you can use according to your needs. <br/> <strong>da Vinci AI:</strong> <ul> <li>da Vinci AI allows you to ask questions in text form.</li> <li>It is characterized by its extensive capabilities and can help you in many areas.</li> <li>It is particularly suitable for students up to 7th grade and covers subjects such as German, English, Latin, French, geography, history, and biology.</li> <li>Please note that it is not possible to solve worksheets with Einstein AI.</li> </ul> <strong>Einstein AI:</strong> <ul> <li>Einstein AI represents our most advanced solution. It builds on the capabilities of Einstein AI and additionally offers the possibility to process photographed worksheets.</li> <li>This AI is also suitable for subjects such as physics and mathematics.</li> <li>We are currently working on improving its abilities in understanding graphs, geometric representations, and curves.</li> <li>For access to the best range of functions, we recommend using da Vinci AI.</li> </ul>

Our packages are available as part of a subscription. You can choose between a monthly subscription and a quarterly subscription, which is more cost-effective. Payment can be made easily by credit card or PayPal. Remember that the subscription automatically renews for the period you chose unless it is canceled before the expiration. We work with the payment service provider Stripe to securely process payments, which encrypts your data.

Absolutely not! We value your privacy after an uncomplicated use of our services. The registration is simply designed and does not require the input of your credit card information. We only need this information when you decide to upgrade. This way, you can test our offer at your leisure before deciding on a membership.


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